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We leverage AI planning technology in various sectors such as:


Healthcare resource allocation loses too much time with ancillary activities such as administration, planning and consultation, while caring for clients and this is what requires the most attention

Taktify proposes a solution that can automate resource allocation process with a Cloud-based Intelligent Health Management solution that can determine the optimal planning using AI based on the wishes or requirements of both the client and the healthcare professional, in order to save time. .

IT Help Desk

Automating low-value, repetitive and routine tickets, free help desk agents to level up and focus on mission-critical projects that require human intervention.

There is widespread industry recognition that AI has reached the point where such tasks as finding the root cuase of the tickets, responsible teams and most-matched assignments, can be automated.

Real Estate

Who are the potential buyers and which agent should be assigned to them?

There are many requests from buyers looking for a property and overloaded brokers need to allocate time for the real potential customer. So broker's time by using an automated system will be saved.